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Luxury Smart Toilet (Smart Restroom Technology)


Intelligent Toilet, public restroom and Smart Toilet Restroom  designed in ITALY by our partner TOILITECH. Our upmost design offers almost any budget from the basic, manual specification to our Powerful PLUS® and SMART® technology fully automated, Smart Restroom Technology, self-cleaning models with remote monitoring functions.



Solutions of today's challenges

Smart Toilet

HITECH eSmart knows that smart toilets restrooms are a severe need of the public. By bringing the highly advanced and most intelligent toilets in Saudi Arabia, we step forward in the world of innovation. 

Due to covid-19, public restrooms demand becomes more crucial. But it is not less than a challenge to keep the public toilets clean all the time. Our automatic cleaning made these public restrooms spotless and disinfectant for every person. Our smart toilet is the only system in the markets offering concealed arms over the bowl to clean and dry the bowl and surrounding walls up to 80cm. High-pressure ejecting water is mixed with disinfectant; a floor-integrated high-pressure nozzle system ejects water and disinfectant on the floor. It works like magic and cleans the bathroom within 1 minute after every use. 


Smart Toilet
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The Smart Toilets
The Smart Toilet

The Single block reinforced concrete is vandal resistant, fireproof, and ant graffiti. The exterior finishing of smart toilets is incredibly flexible. The smart toilet restrooms have both hinged or sliding doors. A radar-driven user detection system is installed in it. Patented anti-syringe washbasin. SOS push-button for emergency calls and PTCall® bidirectional emergency call system. Touchless access, or access with multi-coin cash box or contactless. Access for users with disabilities in compliance with the prescriptions of European regulations. Self-diagnosis system in the case of fault and remote real-time alarm from GSM mobile phone or computer

Our Smart Toilet restroom is phenomenally designed to be installed in outdoor areas such as parking lots, markets, bus terminals, parks, squares, etc. The smart and intelligent toilet is also installed in indoor regions of buildings, for instance, historical buildings, palaces, malls, etc. Our smart toilet is equipped with more than 17 systems for better efficiency, optimizing the latest technologies, i.e., the PLUS® TECHNOLOGY, Smart Restroom Technology, and SMART® TECHNOLOGY.