Hitech eSmart


The world is moving toward digitization, and digital transformation entails changes in technology, data/information, processes, and organizations. Smart Cities or Digital Cities provide exceptional user experiences thanks to innovative solutions. As a result, we anticipate a high demand for Smart Solutions in the coming decade, where HITECH can play a crucial role in Smart Solution Manufacturing and Implementation Services, contributing considerably to global digitalization.


With the increasing global focus on Digitalization and Smart Cities, which is based on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Services, Big Data, Smart Cities, the Internet of Things, FTTX, and high-speed connectivity, there will be a massive demand for Smart Digital Infrastructure.


Tourism, municipalities, smart city entities, transportation, education, health, industrial, telecommunications, and entertainment verticals will all demand this Smart Digital Infrastructure.


Industry experts founded HITECH in the early 2010s focusing on Smart Solutions for complicated and large-scale applications. Our engineers have international experience and have worked on projects with challenging needs. Our ability to provide bespoke, scalable, and dependable solutions has resulted in complete customer satisfaction.


As a company, we are dedicated to the highest quality standards and a green approach. Education, Health, Finance, OIL & GAS, Hospitality, Tourism, Telecom, ICT, and other business verticals are all served by our diverse portfolio of goods and services.


We provide managed services, maintenance services, high-level project management services, and design advice in addition to standard Design, Supply, and Implementation.


Our credibility has been enhanced by our after-sales service and round-the-clock availability to customers. We’ve successfully served local and international clients for several years and are now growing our global footprint with GCC, Europe, and Asia partners.