Hitech eSmart



All TOILITECH toilets are studied with painstaking attention to design to offer maximum flexibility in external and internal finishes, comfortable environment and state-of-the art technology. This guarantees total safety to users and the highest levels of cleanliness and disinfection.


The Smart restroom whole-of-life design method provides a relocatable, modular building design that significantly reduces demolition and rebuilds costs if the purpose of public space changes. As also, the unit can be easily relocated elsewhere in the network or seamlessly augmented to realign with the new environment.

Operational efficiency

Automation features provide advantages that are proven to reduce operational costs by more than half of those of traditional public toilets. Minimize consumables, automatic cleaning & disinfecting, and smart & safety lock features dramatically reduce service costs when compared with traditional toilets.

Rapid deployment

Our restroom units are constructed and designed in Saudi/Italian factories, shipped & delivered to the construction site, and ready to be installed in a short time. With most units being able to open within a few days of delivery, this saves on-site building expenses and public interruption.

Through early involvement and a consultative approach, we at HITECH work together with council planners/baldia and facilities staff to simplify complex projects. Although decreased project costs and shorter installation timetables are often at the core of project deliverables, there are numerous other advantages to prefabrication.

For smart cities, parks, city centers, community areas, retail, and transit centers, HITECH designs, develops, and installs public toilets. Wherever you require a public restroom, HITECH and its partners will have the design and budget to meet your needs.

Flexibility become design

Every project is unique: our toilets are designed and built with a tailored approach, to customize the product according to each context and to the needs of individual Clients. Our large variety of available solutions and the flexibility of our construction systems allow us to meet the needs of a wide range of aesthetic and design requirements.


Toilitech self-cleaning toilets prevent typical public toilet problems thanks to a special technology that guarantees hygiene and disinfection after each use and a simple management of consumables.

Our self-cleaning toilets are equipped with an exclusive technology to ensure cleanliness and disinfection: the toilet bowl is washed and dried and our patented Lava;–Tergipavimento® system, with its shifting device that scours the entire surface of the toilet, removes all debris from the floor and washes and dries it perfectly.

Our nighttime disinfection system DCN-ECO3®, unique on the market, removes up to 99% of bacteria and guarantees total disinfection of the toilet, even in the most difficult parts to reach.

Our automatic PT-fresh® odor control system, placed inside the cubicle, sprays a pre-determined quantity of deodorant mix at specified intervals, guaranteeing a pleasantly scented environment.


Easy access to public toilets is essential when moving around cities. There is a need to guarantee to all citizens, including the weakest, the possibility of using public facilities without problems.

Our toilets are designed and equipped with special technical solutions that make them easily accessible to every kind of user: disabled, elderly and children can use our toilets with extreme ease and total safety. The semi-recessed built-in stainless steel washbasin, with no pedestal and free of low barriers, helps full front access to wheelchairs. Automatic “no touch” dispensers are easy to use.

Big LED pushbuttons, with instructions in BRAILLE, improve use of the environment to the visually impaired and, in general, to all users with visual problems (e.g. elderly users).

The weight-control system guarantees safety of the toilet should a child accidentally access the cubicle. In fact, if the weight is lower than established, the system keeps the door of the toilet open until a grown-up enters the cubicle. A stainless-steel changing table with seat help grown-ups use the toilet even with very small children.


Ergonomic study of inner spaces and attention to detail are essential features of our toilet design.


The warm and cozy finish of the inner HPL finish, the light colors of the whole interior, the large amount of light coming from the glazed dome placed on the top cover and from the automatic lighting system create a wide and comfortable space. Inner walls are perfectly smooth, easy to wash, do not retain dirt and avoid accumulation of liquids.

The profiled aluminum floor is slip-resistant, anti-fingerprint and seamless.

When someone enters the toilet, the automatic odor control system sprays a pleasant and persistent fresh, clean smell.

Devices like the SOS push-button and the PT-call® emergency call system improves the feeling of safety in the user.

All Toilitech toilets can be equipped with temperature control system, to monitor heating during winter or air conditioning during the summer.


Designing a public toilet requires special attention to the safety of the user and protection from acts of vandalism.

Throughout our many years of experience, we have acquired all the necessary expertise to design and construct technological systems that guarantee total safety to our toilets.

Vandalism is another very important issue: a vandalized toilet is not used because it is perceived as dirty and “unsafe”. Our toilets are designed to minimize acts of vandalism: all our components are anti-vandalism and fireproof, wall-recessed and accessible only from the technical room.


The use of extremely resistant materials as stainless steel, reinforced concrete and HPL, together with a careful study of all inner components, guarantee an extremely reliable product in the long term.

Minimize environment impact

The environment as a resources


Environmental protection is a fundamental value for our collectivity. This is reflected in our use of materials and technologies that minimize the environmental impact of our activities, reducing consumption of water and power.

More than 90% of our toilets’ components is completely recyclable (cement, aluminum, plastic). A disposal service for toilets that have reached the end of their life cycle is available at our plant.

Our self-cleaning toilets have a washing system that uses up to 35% less water compared to traditional systems, with a consumption of 16 liters per cycle. When not in use, the water system is completely shut, with no risks of leaks or waste of water.

External and inner lighting of the toilet is provided by 24V LED lights. When not in use, the lights are off and there is no waste of energy. Total energy consumption is about 20 W per cycle.

Furthermore, our wide range of products includes the T.Air air toilet line, which does not need connections to municipal sewerage or electrical networks: these toilets are constructed with eco-friendly materials and can be installed in “delicate” areas such as beaches, mountain parks and golf courses.

Solution for smart cities.


Thanks to its long-standing experience, HITECH not only designs and sells public facilities but also ensures optimal Customer Service. We are able to deliver global support to maintain our toilets in perfect efficiency and give our clients all the necessary tools to manage our products.

1) PT-line® our exclusive remote control system allows you to control the toilet and its consumables in real time. PT-line can be accessed by mobile, pc or tablet, so you can quickly manage your toilet from everywhere!

2) PT-call® our special emergency call device contacts our central monitoring room. In case of an emergency, the user can push a button and directly call our customer service!

3) Maintenance our on-site service formula allows you to maintain the facility in perfect efficiency and manages every aspect of the toilet, from the cleaning to the collection of coins to special interventions.

4) Reporting thanks to our exclusive technology, we are able to deliver reports on the number of users, amount of collected coins, hours of service, etc. This allows you to better plan maintenance interventions and minimize/optimize operating costs.

An international reality

PTMatic has been active in the market of public toilets for more than thirty years, establishing its worldwide leadership and expanding its scope of activity to foreign markets.

In Italy, PTMatic has installed 1800 toilets, in Europe 3500, of which 1000 only in France. In the Middle East we have installed more than 150 units.

Throughout the years, PTMatic has established local entities to manage directly its reference markets using the brand “TOILITECH”, originally conceived for the French market.

Currently, the Group is active across Europe through an efficient network of distributors and manages directly its markets in France, Spain, Bulgaria and Italy.

Worldwide, we are actively present in North America and in the entire Middle East.