Hitech eSmart



PTMatic S.r.l. is a leader in designing and producing self-cleaning and automatic toilets, specializing in designing, constructing, installing, and maintaining public restrooms. PTMatic has always been known for innovating and seeking out cutting-edge formal and technological solutions, founded in 1983 by Innocente Varlonga. It has established itself as a leading corporation in a number of international markets (Europe, North America, the Middle East, etc.).


PTMatic sells self-cleaning toilets, automatic public toilets (APT), prefabricated toilets, eco-friendly toilets, and integrated urban furniture solutions under the TOILITECH brand, launched in 2014.


TOILITECH services are one of the world’s leading names in self-cleaning smart public toilets and the international market. It is all because of its capacity for innovation and the continual development of cutting-edge formal and technological solutions.


TOILITECH’s primary purpose is to give its public restrooms a sense of total hygiene and safety. These are the two factors that are critical for a pleasant and comfortable restroom experience.


Our company has developed a significant range of products, which provides an appropriate solution to all potential needs of its clients, based on the knowledge accumulated over the years in the construction of public toilets. Some TOILITECH self-cleaning toilets have been in use for more than two decades and are still in good working order owing to our scheduled maintenance.