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Plus Toilet Technology

Plus Technology For Automatic Public Toilets

The plus toilet technology adds the plus factor to your smart restrooms. It ensures that the toilet remains clean, disinfectant, and perfectly managed after every use. The plus toilet technology guarantees maximum safety and hygiene for every user. We have used artificial technology for automatic public toilets that work in parallel to manage the cleaning process. The PLUS® technology combined patented systems wash the floor and remove any object thrown by the user and the toilet bowl and the washbasin

PLUS® technology models:

The PLUS® technology is installed in the indoor and outdoor models:



PLUS® technology features and systems:

Plus Technology

Features of Plus Technology For Automatic Public Toilets

  • Micro-flush coating of the bowl while in use
  • The plus technology automatically flushes, wash, disinfect, and dry the bowl after every use. 
  • With a plus technology for automatic public toilets, it Washes and disinfected toilet walls up to 8m around the bowl.
  • All the cleaning and washing are done with a high-pressure nozzle—clean floors with floor wiper system for mechanized removal of debris and other solids up to 1.5-liter bottle.
  • Washing, disinfection, and drying of floors with Lava-Tergipavimento® technology, patent nr. MI 2005 A001873.
  • The entire restroom is cleaned and disinfected by silver hydrogen-peroxide spray during night-time closure with a particular DCN-ECO3® cycle.
Plus Technology
Plus Technology

Plus Technology For Automatic Public Toilets - Safety Systems

  • The plus technology for automatic public toilets has electron weight sensors that detect the presence of a person. 
  • Plus, technology toilets have touchless operations.
  • According to the climate, it has both air conditioning and heating system fitted in the restrooms.  
  • Plumbing emptying system in freezing weather to prevent water freezing
  • All the edges and joints are correctly polished and rounded with careful ergonomics. · Floor made of aluminum, non-slip, non-footprint, antibacterial.
  •  Unbreakable mirror made of stainless steel exhibiting the technology for automatic toilets.
  • Pneumatic systems ensured various opening and closing sides if there was any power cut. 
  • Emergency push buttons (SOS), Emergency light
  • Our plus technology for automatic toilets defines the time limit for every user. 
  • PT-LINE: Unit remote control system for continuous monitoring of the toilet operating status by e-mail, via a data network, etc.
  • PT- CALL: Emergency communication system for users, via GSM/GPRS network, connected to the supervisory control room’s phone.

Plus Technology Toilets for Disabled

  • Handrails for disabled users.
  • PT-HELP: Acoustic assistance messages with instructions for toilet use and indications on installed accessories to support visually impaired users.