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HITECH is a fully owned subsidiary of HITECH Group from the UNITED KINGDOM. HITECH is a Manufacturer, System Integrator, Automatic Self Cleaning Public Toilet Manufacturers, and Maintenance company serving Smart Solutions, Automatic Public Toilets, Homeland Security and Telecommunications.


It is established to focus on the new Digital Era requirements and introduce innovative digital infrastructure solutions in the region. HITECH brings its cumulative experience of more than 30 years in customizing innovative solutions and make them more economical, efficient and secure solutions. HITECH is being established in early 2010 to serve the tremendous demand of smart cities applications and connected devices for Tourism, Municipalities, Smart city entities, transport, Education, Health, Industrial, Telecom and Entertainment verticals business needs.


As an exclusive partner of Toilitech from Italy is introducing latest and revolutionary smart/self cleaning public toilets in the region. HITECH products profiles include Smart Bench, Anti-Drone Solutions, Smart Public Toilets, Special Bollards, Public Toilet Cleaning Automatic, Automatic Public Toilets, Smart Poles, Automatic Toilet Cleaning machine, Smart Cleaning Solutions and many more.


With its Head Quarter in Riyadh, HITECH is an expert in Smart Solutions with more than 200 seasoned professionals and industry experts. Our successful track records include verticals such as Telecom, Defense and Government Entities. HITECH is also developing certain niche applications to serve B2B and B2C requirements.


Automatic Toilets


HITECH offers the best smart solutions, Automatic Public Toilets, security solutions, Public Toilet Cleaning, Automatic Toilet Cleaning machine, industrial products, and rail divisions in Saudi Arabia. We have been successfully serving clients for more than ten years. We are looking forward to expanding our global footprint, including GCC, Asia, and Europe.

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Smart Toilets Cleaning


No matter what industry you’re working in, HITECH fence and steel industries knows how to get your job done on time. By providing security solutions customized and innovative on par with international standards made in SAUDI ARABIA through a variety of steel and fencing products.

Automatic Public Toilets


HITECH is an Exclusive Distributor and Authorized Ferrartis Branded Product Manufacturer in the Middle East. Through their experience, widely overlooked problems within the Rail industry, Storage and Logistics of Component Parts, whilst working on a focused strategy of servicing the Rail Industry combined with a controlled expansion of the company’s profile on a global scale.



Highly advanced and most innovative solutions Intelligent public restroom, Automatic Public Toilets designed in ITALY by our partner TOILITECH. Our upmost design offers almost any budget from the basic, manual specification to our Powerful PLUS® and SMART® technology fully automated, Public Toilet Cleaning, Automatic Toilet Cleaning, self-cleaning models with remote monitoring functions.


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What We Do/ Our Goal

HITECH Group’s primary goal is to supply efficient and automated smart solutions in the Middle East. We guarantee our smart solutions will ease your life by adding our values in it

What do We offer?

Hitech provides smart solutions to facilitate the public in a better way.