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O&M of Automatic Self Cleaning Public Toilets


O&M Of Automatic Self Cleaning Smart Toilet

HITECH offers operation and maintenance services to ensure the improvement in efficiency and quality. We provide scheduled Automatic self-cleaning smart toilet maintenance at repeating intervals. With the help of a remote monitoring system, we can conveniently keep an eye on our smart toilets to ensure all our units are working perfectly

Customized Toilets
Customized Toilets


HITECH offers warranty services for all its smart Self Cleaning toilets and other products. 

Our warranty for self-cleaning smart public toilets:  

  • A One-year warranty valid from the installation date for every kind of failure with free replacement of defective parts, replaced if returned.
  • A 10-year warranty on the structure.

The main goal of scheduled maintenance is to minimize the possibility of equipment failure and maintenance backlog. Our monthly or monthly, or weekly maintenance enhances the lifetime of assets and reduces the number of equipment repairs and replacements. 

We have maintained various visits to maintain our every product before it’s too late. We mostly visit locations according to schedule. 

  • Weekly visit.
  • Monthly visit
Automatic Public Toilet


Our Automatic Self Cleaning Toilet servicing, management, and maintenance department are supported by advanced wireless remote-control technology. It allows us to keep all our toilets in perfect efficiency in all the cities of installation. 

With our remote control technology, we update our clients with the conditions of smart toilets either via email or directly on mobile phones. Our team will immediately reach the location where our maintenance is urgently required. Also, provide the clients with full access to control the units, such as:

  • Changing the entrance fees
  • Changing the working hours
  • Turn off/on the external lighting
  • Open/close the toilet door in case of emergency
Automatic Public Toilet