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Different Ways to Disinfect & Clean Public Toilets

Whether you are using public toilets, petrol pumps, restaurants, or even your workplace toilets, all of them have hidden treasures named germs. If we had a choice, we would say, Don’t Use Public Toilets, but nature calls at odd times, so all we can do is make sure to clean public toilets before using them.

How to Clean Public Toilets?

  • When you enter a public toilet, please wear a mask, if only you could see the amount of filth these places have. Do not use your bare hands to open or touch anything there. If possible, use your elbow for the doorknob or carry a small piece of tissue paper in your hand for the same. This will eradicate the need to clean public toilet parts.
  • Our suggestion is to carry disposable gloves with you. Wear them at all times, and dispose of after exiting the public toilets. 
  • Toilet seats consist of germs like streptococcus, E. coli, staphylococcus, hepatitis, STD and many more. Still, we all fear using toilet seats, and it is recommended to always clean public toilets/seats before using them. You can find toilet seat sanitisers in the market; try to buy one and keep it handy. Always spray them on the seat before using them. Or, if you cannot find those, disposable toilet seat covers can always rescue you. Toilet covers acts as a barrier and avoids direct contact with the germs. You can buy these covers from stores. Cleaning public toilet parts can be tough at times, it is always better to carry things that will disinfect the place quickly.
  • Or else, make sure you clean the seat with toilet paper. This will create a shield between your skin and the toilet seat, avoiding direct contact with the seat.
  • The second dirtiest thing in public toilets is the faucets. As already mentioned, direct contact with anything in public toilets is a big No. Spray with toilet sanitisers or use tissue paper to open the faucet. Although a little uncomfortable, it does the work.
  • According to various studies, germophobe’s are also scared of using the flush. When cleaning public toilets, make sure you remember to clean and disinfect the flush too. Yes, sanitisers and tissue papers at your rescue again. Or be the ninja and use your shoe to flush; nevertheless, wash your hands thoroughly after.
Clean public toilet
  • If you thought, hey, toilet knobs are clean, aren’t they, think again? We’ve witnessed that the toilet knobs are the place that consists of the maximum germs. So, yes, again, toilet sanitiser and tissue paper if handy.

Points to Remember When Cleaning Public Toilets

  • Always carry disinfecting spray or wipes with yourself. These flushable wipes can be used to clean public toilet parts. Allow the disinfecting sprays to sit on the seat for a few seconds before using the seat.
  • If you can’t find disinfecting sprays, carry alcohol wipes with you. It is as effective as disinfecting sprays at killing all types of germs. Do not flush these wipes as it will only cause clogs.

About HiTech Esmart

If you own a business, run a petrol pump, your customers will have access to the smart public restroom too, and as a business owner, you must clean public toilets for them. We are sure you have heard of the impression, ‘the first impression is the last,’ so you can’t go wrong here; cleaning public toilets are a must.

You can either hire professional toilet cleaners or invest in a smart toilet. Our company, Hitech Esmart, specializes in creating and building self-cleaning and automatic toilets. We design, construct, install and maintain public toilets. We have been known by the world for our high-tech technology since 1983. So, We sell automatic public toilets, self-cleaning toilets, eco-friendly toilets, prefabricated toilets, and much more. Our branch Toilitech was founded in 2014 and had been helping commercial industries build public restrooms.


No matter how clean a public toilet appears, it is NOT. Only use a public toilet if you are unable to control the urge. Do not forget to carry your essentials to clean public toilet before using it. Yes, the ick factors remain, but you are safe if you avoid direct contact. However, if you have a germ phobia, we suggest investing in a pack of authentic antibacterial wipes for yourself.

Don’t forget to wear a mask, not only because of the pandemic but also because the germs from our feces are airborne? Yes, when you push the flush, these germs find their way out into the air. Disgusting but true.

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